Lisa Redford Videos

Here’s a selection of videos from Youtube. Tons more videos are in the favourites section of my Youtube Channel.

Music Videos

‘Be Around’ official music video

‘New York Song’ official music video

Live Sessions

Under the Apple Tree Session for WBBC. Interview with Bob Harris

Balcony TV

Someday We’ll be Together

‘Time to Grow’ intimate performance from Brooklyn

‘Call Me’ promo video

‘Why’ promo video

Headlining a BBC Radio 2 Sold on Song Showcase ~ ‘Universe’

‘Wildfire’ at London’s Borderline ~ Bob Harris Presents Americana Showcase.

‘Don’t Tell Me’ during UK headline tour

‘Here Alone’ during UK headline tour

‘When You Go’ from UK headline theatre show

‘Be Around’ acapella version

‘Never Was a Yesterday’ live

‘Makes Your Heart Sing’ Live on US TV

‘Live Your Life’ Live on US TV

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