Lisa Redford Promo Shot

Bob Harris Radio 2 Session

Lisa and Bob Harris during Lisa’s second Radio 2 session

Heralded by legendary BBC Radio 2 Bob Harris as “one of our finest singer/songwriters”, Lisa Redford has earned worldwide acclaim for her heartfelt Americana with memorable melodies and stunning vocals. She has had a busy year promoting her latest release ‘The Sweetest Dream’ which has earned airplay on radio shows across the world, and playing festivals including the pop up stages at C2C where she had a wonderful response.  She has also performed with, and opened for many respected international artists within the worlds of country, folk and Americana.

Based in the US as well as the UK, Lisa also writes a hugely successful column in Songwriting Magazine where she offers music and songwriting advice to thousands of readers.

“she brings an honest songwriting style and beautiful vocal styling to every one of her songs…In a sea of smart female singer-songwriters, Lisa Redford is an admiral.’’ Maverick Magazine****

“There is a warmth and welcoming vibe to Redford’s music that really is difficult to resist.” Americana UK

“a breath of fresh air. Hers is a pure and quite lovely voice which delivers some sweet Americana-tinged songs from the heart” Manchester Evening News

“Live, her voice really has immense power yet great control too and reminds me of the same heart worn tender vibrato of a young Emmylou Harris. Lisa’s voice is purer with a warm timbre, but has that same raw emotion in her voice that makes you feel she has lived through all the heartbreak she sings and writes about.” Live Review at Americana UK

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