Radio 1 Academy – Digital Journalism Q&A

R1 academy

I always enjoy, and feel really inspired after attending music workshops and panels. Today I had a fun time going along to the R1 Academy at OPEN Norwich. There was a great atmosphere and lots of invaluable advice for those wanting to get into the creative industries. I especially found the Q&A on digital journalism really informative. With Rick Edwards and Tina Daheley asking the questions it featured Anna Doble, Online Editor at BBC Newsbeat, Martin Bryant, Editor in chief of The Next Web and Greg Cochrane, Editor of Martin talked about how he started out by blogging with no expectations of it becoming his career, Anna began with local radio while Greg did 5 stints at NME doing work experience, all illustrating the importance of gaining experience and working your way up. As well as a broad skill set, a specialist knowledge can also be a real advantage and really help in getting you further in your chosen area of journalism. With regards to the fast ever changing world of digital journalism, Anna felt that being open to new ways of executing things is crucial while also reflecting your audience. Ultimately, they agreed it’s all about having that great idea, building a community, asking people what they think and getting them to share, whilst consistently providing varied content and constantly experimenting. All excellent advice!

With regards to my music, I’m excited that Kathryn Tickell will be playing me on her lovely show on Amazing Radio tonight.

I was also recently interviewed at C2C Festival by Just Zoe who writes an excellent country music blog, take a look here: Best British Country Music

And huge thanks to other big supporters of UK country music W21 Music who have made me their Artist of the Week!

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